Recording Workshop for Mix/Remix Competition

Join us this Saturday March 24th at the Audio Studio to record the raw files that will be released for our mix/remix competition. The tracking session will be led by Rishi Daftuar who will share his thoughts and insights throughout the process. There will be time for questions and discussion briefly during the session and during tear down. Come hang out for any time that works for you and we would also remind you to attend the PAT Showcase later that evening!

Soldering Workshop

Audio Engineering Society is hosting an event to teach you how to make your own audio cables! We will cover soldering basics, standard audio connectors, and show you how to use all the tools you need to put together audio cables. We will provide all necessary parts and equipment for you to practice with.

Drum Tuning Workshop

The U of M section of AES hosted an opportunity to learn about drum tuning from experts in the field including Professor Joseph Gramley. The session covered drum tuning techniques and microphone strategies for recording drums.


Hear Tomorrow Workshop

The U of M Student Section of AES is hosting Benj Kanters of Hear Tomorrow to speak on noise and music-induced hearing loss. This workshop is a two-hour presentation, including images and animations reflecting the latest in hearing research. The workshop will discuss hearing physiology, hearing loss, and hearing conservation including discussion about technologies such as the latest developments in high-fidelity ear plugs and concert in-ear monitoring systems.