Recommendations for Surround Sound Production

With increasing numbers of producers, engineers and musicians making their initial foray into the world of surround sound, we also felt it was important to provide a primer of sorts — a summary of the current state of the art — as well as a description of current production practices, distribution formats, and encoding formats. Also included is a discussion of various relevant topics, including surround sound mastering considerations, sample rate conversion, downmixing, and upmixing.

Bose Car Audio

Presented by Jeff Vautin and Joe McCabe of Bose Automative Systems

On Monday, January 21st, Jeff Vautin (PAT Graduate) and Joe McCabe from Bose’s Automotive Systems division visited the University of Michigan chapter of AES to give a presentation about designing acoustic system for vehicles. A car is one of the harshest acoustic environments for an audio system; it has simultaneously very reflective and very dry material, and the small space introduces harmful standing waves. Mr. Vautin and Mr. McCabe talked about the techniques Bose uses to get around these challenges to produce the best audio quality possible, ranging from optimal speaker placement to the different digital signal processing methods used for different speakers throughout the car.


Binaural Recording presented by Mark Jay

Mark received his B.S.E.E. from The University of Hartford, Connecticut in 1990. He has worked in the fields of adaptive noise control, forced response / simulation, product sound quality assessment, vehicle interior acoustic package design and testing, process-control, and NVH. He presently serves as Manager of the Acoustics, NVH, and Sound Quality Group for Lear Corporation, a position he has held since June of 2003. He is also the founder of Immersifi Recording Services (founded in 2009), which specializes in live recording, with its primary focus on binaural recording. In December of 2010 he created the Discussion Group “Perceptual Audio” on the website Linked In, with the Group’s stated purpose as being focused on HRTF-centric recording methodology as well as other approaches that are designed to improve audio realism for the listener. (more…)

Mix/Remix Competition 2012

This event is open to all current students of the University of Michigan. Check the website at 12pm on April 6th, 2012 to find the multitrack of a new song by the supremely talented Candace Sosa. Download the files, pop open your favorite editor, and let your creative juices flow. We’ll be taking two types of submissions (you may have figured this out from the title of the event): Mixes and Remixes.

Digital Microphone Workshop

Learn about Sennheiser and Neumann’s digital microphone technology through an interactive hands-on workshop. This workshop will show how these digital mics work, what makes them different and the various applications they can be used for. We’ll also listen and compare them with some of their analog counterparts to hear differences and similarities with live musicians in the studio.

Christopher Spahr oversees national market development for the live sound and studio markets for Sennheiser, and works as an independent producer/engineer. During his 17-year career in the recording arts and installed sound industries, Spahr has performed live sound work for concerts, corporate functions and theater applications. He also worked in the installed sound market as an independent manufacturer’s representative and spent five years as a staff engineer at Criteria Studios in Miami, FL working on music, TV and film projects, including a Grammy-winning Latin jazz CD.

Spahr is a certified member of Sennheiser’s U.S. RF Expert program. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Barry University and a Recording Arts Specialized Associates Degree from Full Sail University.

Recording Workshop for Mix/Remix Competition

Join us this Saturday March 24th at the Audio Studio to record the raw files that will be released for our mix/remix competition. The tracking session will be led by Rishi Daftuar who will share his thoughts and insights throughout the process. There will be time for questions and discussion briefly during the session and during tear down. Come hang out for any time that works for you and we would also remind you to attend the PAT Showcase later that evening!

Guidelines for ProTools Sessions

If engineers adopt a consistent set of practices for Pro Tools sessions that achieves commonality in labeling, file management and audio track maintenance, the digital workstation method of recording and mixing can realize substantial improvement in productivity. This paper presents suggested guidelines specifically to aide in improving the exchange of sessions between various recording facilities and/or engineers.