Recording Workshop for Mix/Remix Competition

Join us this Saturday March 24th at the Audio Studio to record the raw files that will be released for our mix/remix competition. The tracking session will be led by Rishi Daftuar who will share his thoughts and insights throughout the process. There will be time for questions and discussion briefly during the session and during tear down. Come hang out for any time that works for you and we would also remind you to attend the PAT Showcase later that evening!

My Dear Disco Talks about the Business of Music

If you are interested in the Music Business, then check out a panel presentation from School of Music, Theatre & Dance alums in the band My Dear Disco. Michele Chamuel, Tyler Duncan, and Bob Lester will give a presentation followed by Q&A regarding their recent experiences in songwriting, developing a business plan, touring, and securing management.

The World Between Analogue and Digital

Join us for an informative and entertaining evening where we will cover the world that lies between Analogue and digital – the hybrid world. Guest speaker Fadi T. Hayek from Solid State Logic will lead a discussion where we cover the history and technologies that have lead to the resurgence of Analog hardware and its current marriage with digital technology.

Mr. Hayek will be presenting several SSL products including Matrix, X-desk, two rack cases full of SSL outboard equipment and a portable Mac DAW.

Topics include:

Summing in the box and outside the box.

Understanding the science and sound behind this controversial topic.

Transient response and SuperAnalogue: How to get the “Big Record” sound out of your DAW.

Core Audio Pipeline and the PCIe standard: Is zero latency possible in a Native DAW?

Hybrid Processing of Plugins; what are the differences between native and hardware-driven audio plugins?

Fadi T. Hayek is an audio engineer originally from New York City. In his 20 year career, he has worked for several recording studios through the 1990’s. He joined Steinberg Media Technologies, where he was part of the sales team as Sales Manager in the US, and was involved in product management for Nuendo and Cubase. Currently he is the National Sales Manager for Workstation Partner Products at Solid State Logic.

Soldering Workshop

Audio Engineering Society is hosting an event to teach you how to make your own audio cables! We will cover soldering basics, standard audio connectors, and show you how to use all the tools you need to put together audio cables. We will provide all necessary parts and equipment for you to practice with.

Sound Design for Theater presented by Scott Stauffer

Scott Stauffer is a sound designer specializing in theatre and working in New York City. Join us for the opportunity to have an intimate, question and answer session with a professional designer. From covering where to start with a production to how to make your work stand out from the rest, if you’re interested in sound design, join us for the rare opportunity to glean some inside tips.