Winter 2019 Recap

Hi all! After a long period of inactivity on this site, we finally regained access and plan on using it much more in the future.

We had a fairly active semester this past winter with a variety of events. We welcomed in a new executive board, with Ryan Cox as Chair, Ben Balas as Vice Chair, Sam Smith as Treasurer and Tessa Fornari as Publicist.

As tradition goes, we were hosted our annual Mix/Remix competition this year. For Mix/Remix, we record a group in U of M’s audio studios with members of our section and the studio staff, and then hand the stems off to our members. They have the option to either create a mix of the track, or a remix of some sort. They then submit these tracks to a panel of faculty judges that will select a winner and two runner ups from each category. It’s a really cool event that encourages our members to get creative and show us their stuff. We were fortunate to have some pretty fantastic sponsors this year and some equally impressive entires this year. And, after handing things anonymously over to our judges, we had the following winers:

1. Dain Vargo
2. Gregory Werd
3. Peter Kwinty
1. Socrates Papageorgiou
2. Fisher Diede
3. Jackson Roth
Be on the lookout for another post with the wining entires!
We also were fortunate to host two mix listening sessions, in which we were able to listen to other members’ mixes in UM’s audio studio.
We hosted a networking event in which we had members mingle with industry professionals that were in town for the Duderstadt Center’s Media and Studio Arts Symposium.
Finally, at the end of the semester, we hosted Lim Wei, a former member of the section and an engineer that has worked for prestigious studios, like Sear Sound and the Banff Centre. He was able to come in with a Pro Tools session and deconstruct it for a group of our chapter, and then go through his mixing process.
We’re very excited for everything to come next semester! Check back here in the Fall for more up-to-date information about everything going on here with our chapter.
–Ryan Cox, Chair