Headphone Shootout

With the multitude of brands and styles of headphones on the market today, choosing the model that fits you best can be a daunting and time consuming task. Arguably the easiest way is to try different headphones side by side. Join the Audio Engineering Society Student Section @ the University of Michigan in presenting a Headphone Shootout.

Recommendations for Surround Sound Production

With increasing numbers of producers, engineers and musicians making their initial foray into the world of surround sound, we also felt it was important to provide a primer of sorts — a summary of the current state of the art — as well as a description of current production practices, distribution formats, and encoding formats. Also included is a discussion of various relevant topics, including surround sound mastering considerations, sample rate conversion, downmixing, and upmixing.

Bose Car Audio

Presented by Jeff Vautin and Joe McCabe of Bose Automative Systems

On Monday, January 21st, Jeff Vautin (PAT Graduate) and Joe McCabe from Bose’s Automotive Systems division visited the University of Michigan chapter of AES to give a presentation about designing acoustic system for vehicles. A car is one of the harshest acoustic environments for an audio system; it has simultaneously very reflective and very dry material, and the small space introduces harmful standing waves. Mr. Vautin and Mr. McCabe talked about the techniques Bose uses to get around these challenges to produce the best audio quality possible, ranging from optimal speaker placement to the different digital signal processing methods used for different speakers throughout the car.