Binaural Recording presented by Mark Jay

Mark received his B.S.E.E. from The University of Hartford, Connecticut in 1990. He has worked in the fields of adaptive noise control, forced response / simulation, product sound quality assessment, vehicle interior acoustic package design and testing, process-control, and NVH. He presently serves as Manager of the Acoustics, NVH, and Sound Quality Group for Lear Corporation, a position he has held since June of 2003. He is also the founder of Immersifi Recording Services (founded in 2009), which specializes in live recording, with its primary focus on binaural recording. In December of 2010 he created the Discussion Group “Perceptual Audio” on the website Linked In, with the Group’s stated purpose as being focused on HRTF-centric recording methodology as well as other approaches that are designed to improve audio realism for the listener.

Mark is Member of the S.A.E., A.E.S., A.S.A., and an associate Member of I.N.C.E., as well as a Member of Eta Kappa Nu (The I.E.E.E.’s Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineering). He has co-authored several publications including those for printed media (Sound and Vibration Magazine, Experimental Techniques Magazine), as well as for conferences held by organizing bodies such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.), The Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I.N.C.E.), The Society for Experimental Mechanics (S.E.M.), and ATA. He has also co-chaired Technical Sessions for conferences held by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

He holds four patents as co-inventor on technologies and products ranging from a method to improve powered seat sound quality performance through closed-loop speed control, another on tuning the acoustic absorption of automotive seats, and another on the inclusion of binaural sensing with an anthropomorhic test mannequin for more precise replication of boundary conditions during forced response noise and vibration tests. He currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan (but is a Spartan fan. Sorry).