Ableton Live Workshop

Ableton Live is a dynamic and empowering tool for every stage of the musical process, from composition to production to live performance. Whether you are a producer or dj, sound designer or composer, the versatility of Ableton Live makes it the ideal tool for both beginners and experts alike.


The integration of Max/MSP/Jitter into the Ableton Live platform is meant to expand the possibilities of how digital audio workstation software can be used. By empowering a worldwide community of technology-saavy musicians and creatives with the co-developed product Max for Live, Ableton and Cycling ’74 are inviting users to increase the interoperability of their projects and embrace community-generated software solutions.

The workshop begins with a brief overview of the capabilities of Ableton Live Suite, followed by a series of Max for Live demonstrations. There will be Live demonstrations with step by step instructions that cover the entire composition process, exploring a variety of different approaches.