A Lecture on the Business of Music by Les Schefman

In addition to maintaining an active law practice, Les is among the top commercial, film, and television composers in the region; his scores and productions have graced two Emmy winners, and several Communicator and Renaissance Award winners for such clients as Budweiser, DaimlerChrysler, GM, Ford, UPN television, and many other national and regional clients. Les produced Patrick Thomas’ “Ghost Town Radio,” nominated for five Detroit Music Awards upon its release. A more thorough bio can be found here: link.

The talk covered subjects such as music for TV, advertisements and film, and the music rights surrounding those fields, including licensing. There also was some time open for questions, so that you can get some clarification on that burning music business question that you can’t find a good answer to.


Drum Tuning Workshop

The U of M section of AES hosted an opportunity to learn about drum tuning from experts in the field including Professor Joseph Gramley. The session covered drum tuning techniques and microphone strategies for recording drums.


AES Convention in New York

The U of M section of AES had a great turnout for the annual AES Convention in New York this year on October 9-12. Rishi Daftuar placed first in the category of Stereo World/Folk and Chris Conover placed second in the category of Stereo Pop/Rock. More information about the competition results can be found here.