David Clark presents Perceptual Transfer Function (PTF) Measurement System

The goal of PTF is nothing less than a full set of objective measurements of an audio system that correlate with perceived performance. Rather than attempting to map conventional measurements to perception, PTF uses all-new stimulus, reception and analysis techniques. PTF is organized into test modules that are selected from a Virtual Instrument (VI) computer interface. Each module tests an aspect of audio performance that corresponds to human assessment: Tonal Balance, Imaging, Maximum Loudness and Distortion. Each stimulus signal is generated by the VI and converted to an electrical signal by the hardware. The signal is sent to the system under test and received by the PTF microphone array.

David Clark is president of DLC Design, an audio engineering firm in Wixom, Michigan. DLC Design’s primary work is advanced development and testing for car manufacturers and suppliers. Services include subjective and objective audio performance assessment, loudspeaker design and advanced system design.

Mr. Clark is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and has been Vice President, Governor and Chair of various committees. Mr. Clark has written papers for the AES, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Acoustical Society of America. He has also written product reviews for consumer magazines often employing double-blind listening tests.